Beam me Upstate, Scotty


Beam me Upstate, Scotty

New York City, September 25, 2023

★ Wet gray-green morning followed the wet blue night, as the rain pattered on and on. Two mourning doves squatted on the balcony rail, hunched down and ruffled up. It was pure corduroys time now, though the new season hadn't so much turned as the old one had sunk under accumulated nonstop drenching. An arm stuck out from the balcony found invisible rain there, while the heavier drips of the rain before made noise all around.


Indignity Morning Podcast No. 153: A drug-poisoned hellhole spiraling into anarchy.

Tom Scocca • Sep 26, 2023

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Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY

WILLIAM SHATNER, WHO played Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek TV series from 1966 to 1969 and in seven subsequent Star Trek movies, is scheduled to appear at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in November. Tickets and a motel discount in Schroon Lake are available through the museum's website.

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WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS for the assembly of select sandwiches from Trinity Cook Book: Our Choice Recipes, by Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, published in 1925. This book is in the Public Domain and available at for the delectation of all.

One good-sized chicken, or one pint of chicken, cut with sharp scissors into small pieces. The same quantity of pecans (or English walnuts or almonds, but pecans are best), broken into small pieces. Stir into this the following cream dressing: One-fourth pound of butter, melt, and stir in two tablespoonfuls of sifted flour and let brown slightly, then pour in one pint of rich milk and stir until it thickens. Season to taste with pepper, salt, and parsley. Use enough of this dressing to moisten the chicken and nuts thoroughly but do not get it too soft. Spread between thin slices of bread and cut in any desired shape. This makes enough to serve thirty people.

Make some tomato aspic with gelatine and strained tomato juice. Make like any ordinary gelatine using the juice of the tomato, salted to taste, and lemon juice if liked, with a pinch of sugar. Pour into a square mould that has been dipped into cold water and let harden. When ready to use, cut into squares; cut the squares into slices and place between thin slices of bread which have been spread with mayonnaise instead of butter. Trim into shape and serve very cold.

One-half cupful of cold ham, one-half cupful of cold chicken or veal, one teaspoonful of celery salt, one-half teaspoonful of paprika, one pimento, four tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise dressing. Grind the meats and pimentoes and mix thoroughly. Make sandwiches in the usual way with lettuce leaves between.

Chop crisp celery very fine and mix with salad dressing. Spread one piece of bread with butter, the other with a thin layer of the mixture. With a sharp knife split open the round stems of celery tips and put them between the bread, so that the tips will just show on the edges. Tie with narrow lightgreen ribbon.

If you decide to prepare and attempt to enjoy a sandwich inspired by this offering, kindly send a picture to us at


19 FOLKTALES collects a series of timeless tales of canny animals, foolish people, monsters, magic, ambition, adventure, glory, failure, inexorable death, and ripe fruits and vegetables. Written by Tom Scocca and richly illustrated by Jim Cooke, these fables stand at the crossroads of wisdom and absurdity.

HMM WEEKLY MINI-ZINE, Subject: GAME SHOW, Joe MacLeod’s account of his Total Experience of a Journey Into Television, expanded from the original published account found here at Hmm Daily. The special MINI ZINE features other viewpoints related to an appearance on, at, and inside the teevee game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Your $20 plus shipping and tax helps fund The Brick House collective, a Publishing Concern featuring a globally diverse set of publishers doing their own thing, with interesting items and publications available for purchase at SHOPULA.

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