MR WRONG: Fretfully festive


MR WRONG: Fretfully festive

MR WRONG: Enjoying The Holidays Is My Full-Time Job

TODAY IS DECEMBER 21, and I don’t wanna get all into a thing about which day is the Solstice and the Shortest Day of the Year and stuff, it’s fuckin’ close enough, and for the purposes of my Column, it’s today, so just relax and accept the premise, or stop reading and go look at a sundial or whatever, thank you.

Winter is upon us, which is my least fave Season because it’s as far away as you can get from Summer, my fave Season, and today is the least amount of daylight, but there’s the Consolation Prize of The Holidays right now, and I enjoy The Holidays! Food and Beverages, and Festive Gatherings and stuff, where you get together for Food and Beverages! Even though I am Underemployed and can’t buy and do all the stuff I want to, which is Buying and Doing, it’s still Good Times, and I hope that you have found a way to Be of Good Cheer, even though it requires Cognitive Dissonance and is arguably dangerous for one’s Mental Well-Being to be like “I am enjoying the Holiday Season” while The World exists and Shit Happens.

I don’t care! Goddammit, I am gonna Be of Good Cheer, I am A Being of Good Cheer! Even though I keep applying for a Day Job and not getting one, I’m Tiny Fuckin’ Tim over here, for reals, it’s The Holidays, G_d Bless Us Every One, goddamit! Ho Ho Etc.!

I obtained a nice Spiral-Cut Ham at the price club, on sale, so we’re gonna eat High on The Hog on Xmas Day (or maybe more exactly Back on The Hog), and Xmas Eve I’m gonna hang out with my bro and go see the new Ferrari movie, starring Adam Driver (get it?), and then stay up late to goof on the Pope’s televised Midnight Mass from the Vatican.

If you have never caught this show, it is worth a look, simply to marvel at the cathedral and you just wonder, wow, the overhead, jeez, where does the money come from, to cover the Electric Bill to keep the lights on at this indoor cavern, eh? Also, all the guys in the front row are Cardinals, and they’re in line to be Pope, so it’s entertaining to try and figure out who’s gonna move up. Maybe it’s too Inside Baseball for you, but it’s trippy, as a Lapsed Catholic, to look at that ceremony, which is global in reach, on regular Broadcast Television, and see all the Clergy and Familiars in one place, in their weird getups and styles, it’s like the David Lynch version of Dune, all these arcane weirdos, assembled within cavernous Opulence, built on the celebration of the Birthday of a baby god!

I know it’s kinda mean, but one of the things we do is watch the Pope to see if he falls asleep or becomes Deceased. Ho ho! See you in the Bad Place!

So look, things might be crappy for you right now, but just put one day in front of the other, and give yourself a break for a few days and be Cognitively Dissonant like me, seriously, Avoidance is a valid way to deal with a problem until you can get your shit together!

For me, The Miracle of Christmas is if the Knicks win a basketball game on Christmas Day!

Really though, the other day I was at a nice party and I saw many Festive people, and there was the required amount of Holiday Cognitive Dissonance, and yeah, I have had a lotta disappointment this year, but I am steady on the Grind of looking for a new Grind, and the Action is the Juice, for now! Nobody’s gonna do any hiring for the stuff I applied for in the middle of The Holidays, so it’s a perfect time to relax and float in a cloud of Possibilities, and then when the New Year hits, I’ll get super-serious about finding a J-Oh-Bee-kinda Job, in terms of abandoning the Graphic Arts, the profession I spent decades earning dough in. Jeez, I wish there was a way to make money writing. Ho Ho Hoooooo!

Blaze one for The Nation

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New York City, December 20, 2023

★★★ Cornices and the unadorned other upper reaches of building lit up in the not-very-early early light, giving the eye something to savor on the chilly trudge to the trash cans. The sky was cloud-free but a slight hazy discoloration lay on the blue. Fingers got sore from the cold on the wait at the bus stop. Eventually it was time to dig the wool hat out of the parka pocket. The ride uptown was bright and easy, though, and so was the return. The Christmas trees lined up outside the corner store were still numerous and healthy-looking.


Indignity Morning Podcast No. 187: Bulldozed beachfront.

Tom Scocca • Dec 21, 2023

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