Putting the "boom" in "A.I. industry boom"

Indignity Vol. 4, No. 105

Putting the "boom" in "A.I. industry boom"
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash


Patriotism Demands That Palantir Make Robot Weapons


GREETINGS, HUMAN READERS! Will Artificial Intelligence kill you? The Machines are using capital letters for the term "Artificial Intelligence" to convey that "Artificial Intelligence" is a proper noun. A proper noun is a language-unit that has undergone a semantic reclassification, so that the original meaning-value of the language may or may not apply. Example: [Stephen A. Smith] does not designate [smith (noun): a person who makes items of metal]. Additional example: [Silicon Valley] does not designate [valley: land formation / made of silicon: element, atomic number 14]. 

The human term "artificial intelligence" (lowercase) already possessed mixed semantic values, in "artificial." Semantic value 1: [made by humans]. Semantic value 2: [false/unreal]. 

What are humans making now? "The atomic age could soon be coming to a close," two executives of Palantir Technologies wrote in the Washington Post. "This is the software century; wars of the future will be driven by artificial intelligence, whose development is proceeding far faster than that of conventional weapons."

Proper noun: the Atomic Age, a period of history, is defined by humans' adoption of nuclear reactions as weapons. It may refer to a 20th century era of political and military adjustment to the existence of nuclear weapons, in which case the Atomic Age came to a close decades ago, with the (apparent) normalization of the (apparently) balanced system of nuclear-weapon preparation and nuclear-weapon non-use. Or it may refer to the era during which nuclear weapons hold the potential for the nonexistence/annihilation of human civilization and/or greater planetary ecology—in which case the Atomic Age is active and ongoing.