Welcome to our newsletter future.


GOOD AFTERNOON! Today is the launch of the new publication INDIGNITY, the full-time successor to HMM WEEKLY, created by Tom Scocca and Joe MacLeod. I'm Tom Scocca, the editor and main writer of INDIGNITY.

If you are getting this email, it's because you signed up when INDIGNITY was first announced, or because you already subscribed to HMM WEEKLY. Or you did both, in which case we thank you twice!

As we mentioned in our original announcement, we will be sending out INDIGNITY twice a week. This week, to get things started, we will be publishing even more posts than that—and this week, and for the next few weeks, all of the posts will be free. After that, one item per week will be published for paying supporters exclusively. We hope that list of paying supporters will include you, if it does not already!

It's a busy and exciting time here, as we get ready for you, the readers. To go with our new name and newly abundant publishing schedule, backed by a grant from Substack, we have a new set of logos, designed by the inimitable Jim Cooke. Here is your first look at them:

Also I am planning to get a desk, so that I may sit at it and write, like the full-time writer I now am. My last desk was already falling apart, and then it was stolen by my children for remote learning during the pandemic, so I have been sitting on the floor or the bed for the past 17 months.

Please read, enjoy, and subscribe to INDIGNITY! Thanks again.