INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 25: Snow!!


INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 25: Snow!!
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New York City, February 27, 2023

★★★★ The eye that had been closer to the phone screen could barely detect the first light around the edges of the blinds. The front shutters opened onto a blue sky faintly furrowed and tinged by thin, rippling clouds, with a hawk flapping from north to south and smaller birds following behind. A sanitation truck raised a cloud of powdered salt from the roadway. Up at St. Nicholas Avenue, the decking was off the sidewalk shed, affording a view up through the beams to the glinting edges of upper-story air conditioners. Curled and shriveled leaves swung gently on a tree just inside the gate of Morningside Park. The waffle-knit t-shirt layered on for insurance on the walk turned out to be a little too much. A witch hazel tree had put out its stringy yellow flowers. In the east, the sky around the sun was filmy white, so a puffy cumulus cloud below it stood out in shadowed gray. Ears got cold but the crooks of the elbows began to sweat a little. Through noon and beyond, the day stayed bright. Curling wisps of cloud stood high against the early afternoon sky. To the south they were tightening into something banded and solidly overcast. A mockingbird sat atop a small tree, fluffed all out of recognizable shape, a dark gap in its throat feathers fluttering as it sang. Sunset and snow were both on the way as the boys headed out into the deep blue of evening. By the time the younger one had been brought back, real snow was coming down, coating the car roofs and branches and trying out its hold on the sidewalk. Flakes kept falling in the streetlights as everyone went to bed.


February at the Supermarket, cont’d.

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WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS for the assembly of select sandwiches from The Daisy Recipe Book No. 2, Compiled and Arranged by the Daisy Bible Class, Hyatt Avenue United Church, London, Ontario, 1927, found in the public domain and available at for the delectation of all.


One loaf sandwich bread
2 packages of cream cheese
1 can of pimientos chopped fine
1 sweet green pepper, chopped fine
Cream or salad dressing to thin

Remove all crust from bread. Cut loaf into five slices lengthwise. Mix one package of cheese with pimientos and thin with cream; mix one package of cheese with green pepper and thin with cream. Spread bread with mixtures, alternating the pimiento-cheese with the pepper-cheese to give the ribbon effect, and press together. Slice bread across in usual way when ready to serve.


Three or four layers of buttered bread. Spread first layer with cream cheese and green peppers; second layer with red currant jelly, slice of brown bread in centre.


First layer filled with chopped meat or chicken; second layer with lettuce and mayonnaise; third layer with nuts and olives; fourth layer with pimento and cheese; fifth layer with peanut butter. Press slices together for 15 minutes. Slice down.

If you decide to prepare and enjoy a sandwich inspired by these offerings, kindly send a picture to us at

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