MR WRONG: The tweet death of the universe


MR WRONG: The tweet death of the universe
In Space No One Can Hear You Tweet: John Ratzenberger in Outland (1981)

MR WRONG: Ruin "Ruin a Movie Title by Adding 'Pants'" by Adding Nazis

THE MR. WRONG column is a weekly column, which appears on the pixels of the INDIGNITY web-thing, and so what this means is, Professionally, I am on the hook for at least 600 words a week, which, sometimes I file 700, or 800 words, or even 900 words, or like last week, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, last week I filed 1900 words, which I coulda used for three columns?!?

What I’m saying is the Column business, it’s a Marathon, not a sprint, like when I used to make Tweets all the time.

Remember when making Tweets was fun? It even had a fun name, “Twitter,” which sorta reminded you that errbody on board was doing something that was Not Important, which frequently Venn-Diagrams with Fun! Tweet! Bird noise that humans don’t understand!

Now, that boob Elon Musk has gone and ruined the Tweets, and he ruined the name, by calling it “X,” which has already been used so many times for stuff, jeez, and like, “X,” the internet-place that used to be full of Twitter, just ain’t fun anymore. I mean, there used to be # Hashtag Games, like when you ruin a movie title by adding the word “pants,” or the “Follow Friday” hashtag, where we used to tell each other whose Tweets to look at in a completely non-committal way, just Tweeting it into the hashtag area-thing, and then moving on to ruin a movie title, it was fun, and now it’s not!

Sean Connery in Outland as some kind of Future sherrif wearing a baseball cap with cop-stuff on it, which looked totally weird in 1981
Sean Connery in Outpants (1981)

Now there’s all these nazis and bad people being racist and awful on “X,” and the aforementioned doof-ass who actually owns the “X” went to some Important thing where Important people are asked to sit on a stage and talk in front of a roomful of people, and this is the guy who is X-ing ignorant racist shit onto his own internet, and Advertisers are like “Hey, it’s bad for our business when our ad goes next to some hateful shit, smell you later” and the dipshit owner of “X” says fuck you to the advertisers, and he says “X” is gonna fail now, because of the advertisers not advertising, not because of people like himself doing stupid hateful racist stuff in his own dining room because it’s Free Speech, what an imbecile.

You probably know all that stuff about how Elon Musk is bad, but I wanted to get it down in my own way just to see if it made any kinda sense, you know? I thought maybe this guy was good at business, with the rockets and satellites and tunnels and electric car and blowtorch, and beer, I think, but whatever he’s bad at, like maybe just being a decent person, has swamped whatever he mighta been good at, and I have an emotional attachment to my Twitter handle and Twitter pals, and it makes me mad that he shit in our sandbox. Somebody might be able to rake out the turds, but dude is probably gonna take his “X”-ball and deflate it and go home.

Frances Sternhagen wearing a lab coat sitting at some sort of science-looking console while Sean Connery stands behind her watching her do science-sleuthing or something, I forget, I haven't seen the movie in forever
Sean Connery and Frances Sternhagen in Outland (1981)

So anyway, the guy who owns what used to be Twitter says it’s dead, and that also makes me sad, and meanwhile there’s a bunch of other death going on, real Death, with people, and that’s sad as well, when Jimmy Carter, the finest and most charitable and actual Christian ex–President of the United States of America, leaves hospice to attend his wife Rosalynn’s memorial service, contrasted with the departure of factually-a-War-Criminal Henry Kissinger, and then back to sad when a delightful entertainer such as Shane MacGowan leaves the planet, or Frances Sternhagen, who was an award-winning serious actor of stage and screen, and was on popular and entertaining teevee shows, but mostly who I enjoyed in a great Science Fiction movie from 1981 called Outland, which is basically a remake of an old Western called High Noon.

Peter Boyle's character playing Future golf, where you whack a ball onto a screen and it advances the image of the golf course
You can go to Topgolf now and do this shit: Peter Boyle in Outland (1981)

A Sciencer with Sean Connery wearing a trucker hat was kinda weird in 1981, seriously. Also, Peter Boyle, playing the boss of the factory in Outer Space is great, especially the scene where he’s playing futuristic (for 1981) electronic golf and being anti-Labor.

Peter Boyle's character looking like a total boss (a-hole) sitting behind a desk with a model of some planet or moon or whatever next to him which also looks kind of a-hole-ish just saying
Even in The Future, even in Outer fucking Space, there’s some asshole sitting behind a desk telling you what to do: Peter Boyle in Outland (1981)

I love Science Fiction movies, and I really dig the ones that show you how shitty The Future can be, and all the stuff in Outland, such as bad treatment of workers, people doing drugs to perform better at their jobs, and having to leave the fucking planet to find work is 99 percent on the way to being not-Fiction, and I guess it’ll be complete as soon as Elon Musk gets a rocket to Mars.

I would like to type a few more words to thank anyone who got in on the Kickstarter for the Flaming Hydra, where I will be typing more words per month, along with a pile of other writers, to be exact; 60 writers and zero bosses, woof, and it’s gonna be a lot, so strap on your reading helmet and get ready! Thank you.

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