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Monday: Update: Someone bought that shack on a rock in the ocean.

Tuesday: Speed (1994): Where Did the Time Go?

Wednesday: History's Verdict Says "What Took You So Long?"

Thursday: MR WRONG: Mind Your Business, Bloomberg

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New York City, August 3, 2023

★★★★★ The air conditioners stayed off and the balcony was calling. It was flawlessly mild out there again, under a more occluded sky than before. White clouds stood against a slightly less white background, and the filtered sun came and went. The breeze pushed its way assertively into the living room. A dachshund, the legs of its shadow lengthened by the afternoon light, chased a green leaf a few steps up Broadway. A young starling pecked at something in the gutter, surrounded by pigeons. The movement in the streets was lively but unhurried. Back home, the branches in the courtyard churned and subsided and churned again as the ballgame played on the laptop screen in the open air. A flock of what looked like swallows or swifts, tiny and far up, whirled against the blurry evening clouds. The wind stirred up more forcefully, and the sound of things flapping and banging joined the heaving of the trees.


Indignity Morning Podcast No. 122: Under an umbrella.

Tom Scocca • Aug 4, 2023

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WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS for the assembly of select sandwiches from "Dame Curtsey's" Book of Recipes, by Ellye Howell Glover, Author of “Dame Curtsey’s” Book of Novel Entertainments, etc. Published in 1909, this book is in the Public Domain and available at for the delectation of all.

Boston Sandwiches
MASH a cupful of baked beans very fine and mix with them a tablespoonful of finely minced boiled ham. Season with pepper and a dash of French mustard and rub to a paste with a great spoonful of butter. Spread upon thin slices of crustless Boston brown bread and press the two slices firmly together. Keep in the ice box until needed.

Card Party Sandwiches
CUT thin slices of white bread into pieces the size and shape of playing cards, fill with highly spiced, finely chopped meat, moistened with mayonnaise dressing. Slice pickled beets and cut out tiny hearts and place them on the slices in the positions of the spots on the cards.

Brown Bread Sandwiches
CUT Boston brown bread, which has been baked in baking powder cans, in thin slices and butter them. Select crisp leaves of lettuce, and wash; then drain and dry. Place one between two slices of buttered bread so that the curly edge will come out over the edge of the bread. Press the bread down closely and on the top piece press half of an English walnut.

If you decide to prepare and attempt to enjoy a sandwich inspired by this offering, kindly send a picture to us at


19 FOLKTALES collects a series of timeless tales of canny animals, foolish people, monsters, magic, ambition, adventure, glory, failure, inexorable death, and ripe fruits and vegetables. Written by Tom Scocca and richly illustrated by Jim Cooke, these fables stand at the crossroads of wisdom and absurdity.

HMM WEEKLY MINI-ZINE, Subject: GAME SHOW, Joe MacLeod’s account of his Total Experience of a Journey Into Television, expanded from the original published account found here at Hmm Daily. The special MINI ZINE features other viewpoints related to an appearance on, at, and inside the teevee game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Your $20 plus shipping and tax helps fund The Brick House collective, a Publishing Concern featuring a globally diverse set of publishers doing their own thing, with interesting items and publications available for purchase at SHOPULA.

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