INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 28: Weather and sandwiches.


INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 28: Weather and sandwiches.
Indignity Morning Podcast No. 22: Roll up the window.
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The Indignity Morning Podcast is also available via the Apple and Spotify platforms.


New York City, March 2

★★★ The light was weak and rain was arriving just in time for everyone to have to go out into it. The last scraps of snow looked like curbside litter. What was falling was just a drizzle, though, and the air was already mild. One lanky kid in headphones swung high in the swings on the otherwise empty and wet playground. After the walk home was underway, too late to turn back to the subway, the drizzle intensified to a still tolerable light rain. In the 1 o'clock hour, the sunward sides of things got brighter and incipient shadows started to form. By 3, the shadows were gone again. The parka stayed in the closet for school pickup time, but it was not quite nice enough out to justify walking both ways. On the way to the subway, the wind picked up, and it was cold on the back of the head. More crocuses were up in the park, and some were open. An abandoned Subway bag, inflated by the breeze, rolled this way and that in the middle of 110th Street. The sky cleared again late, but by then the sun was too far down among the buildings to do anything with the opportunity.


WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS for the assembly of select sandwiches from Recipes of the Women’s Club of San Mateo, compiled by May Robinson Thomas, Dietician, published in 1909, found in the public domain and available at for the delectation of all.


Meats should be cooked until very tender for sandwiches; when sliced, the meat should be cut across the grain and as thin as possible; a filling of chopped corned-beef or ham is improved by the addition of mustard; use Worcestershire or horseradish sauce with roast beef or tongue; chopped capers, tomato sauce, catsup or mint sauce combine well with lamb; season chicken or veal with celery salt, and fish with lemon juice.

Chopped meat or fish may be mixed with salad dressings or any well- prepared dressing; chopped celery, cress, cucumbers, tomatoes or olives may be used with meat and dressing; lettuce leaves are usually served whole, the edges barely showing outside the sandwiches; fruits may be used for filling and moistened with fresh fruit juice; the dried fruits should be chopped and stewed.

Scented sandwiches are prepared by wrapping the butter to be used in a napkin and keeping it over night on beds of either violets, fragrant rose petals, clover blossoms, or nasturtiums in a closely covered jar.

Fresh fruit sandwiches are nice made with thin water wafers.


Four tablespoons caviar, 15 drops of onion juice and a few drops of lemon juice rubbed to a smooth paste and spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

If you decide to prepare and enjoy a sandwich inspired by these offerings, kindly send a picture to us at

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