MR WRONG: Pardon my dust


MR WRONG: Pardon my dust


MR WRONG: In the Ghost Machine 

I DON’T KNOW who is going to see this post or when anybody is going to see this post because INDIGNITY is moving all of its stuff to the new GHOST platform, because Substack has bad things on it. You can go and look it up, I’m not putting any links, I am busy typing a column over here, you can go find all the Bad Stuff About Substacks. Anyway, we (INDIGNITY) don’t want to be part of it, plus we don’t want to be part of giving money to Substack for us being part of it, no offense to Substack, but like, there’s bad stuff on you, so you are Bad. Just saying.

So now, or very soon, anyway, we (INDIGNITY) will be on the new GHOST platform! Where, as far as we know, there is no Bad Stuff! I don’t mean Bad Writering, because look, the MR. WRONG column has spent a good part of its existence telling people to Be Quiet and stop saying it (the MR. WRONG column) is bad, not bad because it is Evil, bad because of the Writing. Which, fine, that’s your Opinion and stuff, go fucking read a Substack! I don’t give a fucking shit, I’m just saying the Royal We (the MR. WRONG column), as a subset —not a subSTACK— of the INDIGNITY joint, are not doing that any more, any Substack, so go fuck yourself about the MR. WRONG column being Bad, it’s fools out there who have said that the Writing is not good, again, not because it is Evil and has Nazis and racists and stuff like that, just because it is bad—poor, even—writing, and super-again, touch grass or whatever people say now when they want to say I don’t give a flying fuckhole about anybody who thinks the Mr. WRONG column is Bad. Writing. Touch it. The grass. I don’t even know what that means exactly, but I like it, mostly because in my head I always complete the “touch grass” part with AND KISS MY FUCKING ASS, but getting back to the Substack stuff, some of that shit might even be good writing, I don’t know, I don’t read that crap, but it’s bad, OK? Evil!

So, yes! Off we (INDIGNITY) go! To the GHOST platform! Part of my job here at INDIGNITY is to make the things—the blogs, the posts, the emails, the pod-thing—go in their respective web-places and now there’s a new way to do all that and I’m not quite up to speed on the way of the GHOST, so it’s gonna be a minute before I can get these things to do what we (INDIGNITY) want, in terms of the site not looking like it was dumped out of a garbage bag onto the floor of the Internet or whatever. Just saying, there will be all kinds of the regular INDIGNITY stuff, good stuff, not Bad stuff, all the stuff, it just might be arranged differently, OK? We’ll get it figured out, someday!

Meanwhile, as the award-winning columnist of the MR. WRONG column, I am prosecuting my agenda, my modus operandi, if you will, to wit: Always Be Columning! Since we are almost done with Substack, I figured what the fuck, why should I poop out one more column on there, I will poop it in our new home, GHOST! Into the GHOST-hole!

The only wrinkle in my plan is we don’t have all the things plugged in to the Internet stuff, so right now all of you Gentle Readers are still over there on SBSTK, and I am over here, a voice  of one, crying in the wilderness of the currently empty and unfurnished apartment INDIGNITY is going to be occupying in our new building made out of GHOST! Arrooo! 

Eventually all of The Readers will be here, what fun! All you Paid Supporters of INDIGNITY will be Commenting and stuff, and you will be staring into our shiny-new GHOST-hole, and I’ll be in here, staring back! Scary! Arrooo! Also: Boo! 

The MR. WRONG COLUMN is a general-interest column appearing weekly wherever it can appear, like a goddamn GHOST, eh? No refunds.
Write Wrong:  

A scale with a hand doing "thumbs up" gesture opposed by another hand also doing a "thumbs up" on the other side of the scale but weighing more even though they look the sameA scale with a hand doing "thumbs up" gesture opposed by another hand also doing a "thumbs up" on the other side of the scale but weighing more even though they look the same

Ask The Sophist

GOT SOMETHING YOU need to justify to yourself, or to the world at large? Other columnists are here to judge you, but The Sophist is here to tell you why you’re right. Please send your questions to The Sophist, at, and get the answers you want.


WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS in aid of the assembly of sandwiches from New Presentation of Cooking with Timed Recipes, by Auguste Gay with the collaboration of Anne Page. Published in 1924, and now in the Public Domain and available at for the delectation of all.

For each sandwich
2 slices of buttered bread
3 tablespoons cooked green peas
1 tablespoon Swiss cheese, grated
1 tablespoon mayonnaise sauce

Pass peas through meat grinder. Mix well with mayonnaise sauce and grated cheese. Spread on both slices of bread, put together and press lightly.

For each sandwich
2 slices of buttered bread
2 slices of Swiss cheese
1/4 apple (raw), peeled, cored
1 tablespoon celery leaves, chopped

Chop together the cheese and the apple and mix with the chopped celery leaves. Spread on both slices of bread, put together and press lightly.

If you decide to prepare and attempt to enjoy a sandwich inspired by this offering, be sure to send a picture to 


The second printing of 19 FOLK TALES is now available for gift-giving and personal perusal! Sit in the strengthening sunshine with a breezy collection of stories, each of which is concise enough to read before the damp ground seeps through your blanket.

HMM WEEKLY MINI-ZINE, Subject: GAME SHOW, Joe MacLeod’s account of his Total Experience of a Journey Into Television, expanded from the original published account found here at Hmm DailyThe special MINI ZINE features other viewpoints related to an appearance on, at, and inside the teevee game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, available for purchase at SHOPULA.

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