SUMMER FRIDAYS DEP'T: Tanks for the Memories

Indignity Vol. 4, No. 98

SUMMER FRIDAYS DEP'T: Tanks for the Memories


Images from Monday-Thursday posts, L-R: TRUMP lettering on a skyscraper, a section of the X/Y graphic with John Roberts' head near SMARMY, traffic in NYC, the word TERROR from a TV weather graphic

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The Closer at the End
by Tom Scocca Craig Kimbrel ruined the ballgame for the Baltimore Orioles the other night. I mostly don’t get mad at baseball players anymore when they fail; I know, with the weary empathy of middle age, that none of them are trying to be bad, that a pitcher who can’t

OVER AT FLAMING Hydra, I wrote about the curse of the baseball closer in general, the curse of the free-agent closer more specifically, and the curse of Craig Kimbrel precisely: 

Craig Kimbrel has 430 saves in his career pile, mostly in the National League and for teams I don't care about. It's been more than a decade since he last led the league in saves, as his success rate has slowly slid from 9 out of 10 to 8 out of 10, but that's just a few extra blown games a year, nearly unnoticeable over the length of a season. And being a proven closer is almost a tenured position—for one thing, it takes the manager off the hook for end-of-game decisions. If the closer comes in at closer time and blows the game, that's the closer's failure; the manager did what the manager was supposed to do. The process supersedes the outcome.
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New York City, June 6, 2024

★★ A man was walking by outside in a long-sleeved plaid shirt and long pants, but opening the window brought in air so thick and warm it made sweat break out immediately. The evening dance performance on an outdoor stage hung indeterminate on the schedule, between forecast peaks of chances of showers. The first peak arrived in afternoon, first as a slash of color on the weather-app radar and then as dark sky with branches tossing and ran spattering on the radar, to the groans of the scheduled dancer. After much business with the rain jacket, umbrella, waterproof shoes, and sneakers to dance in, he headed out. Within two hours, the sun was shining. Different smells were stacked on each other like solid objects in the wet air. Men in wilted dress shirts trudged away from the subway stop. Down at Bryant Park the western sun cut through the facades of the surrounding towers to light up the interior details. The grass underfoot showed no sign of having just been drenched. A small upright fractus cloud drifted across a narrow bit of sky between buildings, falling apart before reaching the far side. Back home, clouds were piled up in the north, flat blue silhouettes of cumulus standing in front of more cumulus in richly textured, richly lit mounds, white and peach, fully three dimensional. 

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Indignity Morning Podcast No. 289: Gutless cowardly failed leaders.
Tom Scocca reads you the newspaper.
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Crab à la Carlotta photo from "Mrs. Ericsson Hammond's Salad Appetizer Cook Book," six small, teardrop-shaped sandwiches with ornate floral deorations on each sandwich top, arranged in a flower shape, crab legs and pieces of lemon circling the whole thing. Photo by Mrs. Ericsson Hammond

WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS in aid of the assembly of a sandwich (serve before the soup) selected from Mrs. Ericsson Hammond's Salad Appetizer Cook Book, by Maria Matilda Ericsson Hammond. Published in 1924, and now in the Public Domain and available at for the delectation of all.

Crab à la Carlotta

Put small Charlotta moulds on ice; glaze with aspic and decorate on each a daisy of truffle; glaze again on the decoration; line with the cream. To one cup of cream add three tablespoons of dissolved Cox’s gelatine; fill them with crab meat that has been shredded fine flavored with lemon, pepper, and salt; spread with the cream on the top; leave on ice until settled. Spread slices of bread with anchovy paste and butter mixed, shape of the forms; dip them in warm water and turn them out on the sandwiches. Arrange them in the form of a rose on a platter; garnish in the center with a vegetable rose and around with the small crab claws and quarters of lemons as the illustration shows.

If you decide to prepare and attempt to enjoy a sandwich inspired by this offering, be sure to send a picture to 

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