Indignity Vol. 3, No. 173


New York City, October 31, 2023

★★★★ It took some searching to come up with the house keys, and more searching to find where the shoes had been put. Honeylocust leaves had made it into the vestibule. Out the door were sharp, clean blue skies. A cyclist went by in an elaborately patterned skull mask. It was mild enough for a t-shirt or cool enough for the hoodie, depending on how one wanted to approach the day. Madison Avenue by the hospital was flooded with sun and clogged with double-parked traffic going for triple-. A row of ginkgos on 110th Street were variously close to detonating into falling gold. Another cyclist passed bare-faced and in a skeleton suit. Breeze blew through the unfamiliar terrain of the raggedy beard and mustache. The ground on the slow and halting walk back home from the bank was lined with still-colorful lost foliage. By later afternoon the clouds had gathered from incidental features into solid white and gray, casting appropriate gloom onto the wandering costumed groups. High in the rocks of the Park, a branch of sumac had gone red.


New York Knicks Socks

A COUPLE-FEW years ago, I went a little nuts and bought some New York Knickerbockers apparel, so I could rep my lifelong favorite NBA team, a choice inherited/osmosis-ed from my older brother, who is a New York sports-conscious person old enough to recall the halcyon days of Defense! Defense! when the NY Knicks were a legit basketball team and won Championships.

Two championships in four years, in the mix for eight years straight.

Then they fell off. There was a stretch in the late Nineteen-Hundred-and-Eighties into the Nineteen-Hundred and Nineties when stuff almost happened, but since the ’70s, no glory for my Knicks. There was some Linsanity and that was fun, but no Championships. Nothing but disappointment in all kinds of ways. Bernard King, Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Ewing, John Gianelli, Stephon Marbury, John Starks, Eddy Curry, Amar’e Stoudemire, Bob McAdoo, nobody helped the Knicks do anything. Pat Riley. Rick Pitino. Mike D’Antoni. Kurt Rambis. There is no try. There is no Championship.

Anyway, they are my Knicks! I’ve been wearing a Knicks t-shirt and a Knicks a-shirt and a Knicks bucket hat and a pair of Knicks socks, not usually all at the same time, but the Knicks socks went into my sock rotation during NBA seasons and I wore ‘em. Now, they are blown out at the heels and toes, and I think maybe I’ll turn ‘em into wristbands before they become rags for dusting or painting or whatever, before their inevitable trip to the big basket in the kitchen. I have no comment on this year’s Knicks season.


WE PRESENT INSTRUCTIONS for the assembly of select sandwiches from Tried and Tested Recipes; A Collection of the Favorite and Choicest Recipes Used and Contributed by Ida Mckinley Tent No. 21, National Alliance, Daughters Of Veterans Department of Illinois, published in 1921. This book is in the Public Domain and available at for the delectation of all.

Butter lightly crustless slices of white bread. Rub a Philadelphia cream cheese smooth and work into it 1/2 cup of dates, stoned and chopped fine. Spread this between the bread slices.
— Katheryn Fields.

1/2 pound boiled ham, 1 small can of pimentos, and Yacht Club salad dressing.
Grind ham and pimentos together, mix with the salad dressing to taste, and spread between buttered slices of bread, cut with a heartshaped cookie cutter.
— Katheryn Fields.

Cut thin slices of brown bread, spread with butter. Chop equal parts of nuts and dates; a little orange juice may be added. Spread on bread.
— Emma Wedeking.

Cut bread slices with glass top or cutter to form rounds. Mix Blue Ribbon cheese with cream to soften it. Chop pimentos rather fine. Spread bread with butter, then the cheese mixture; place a row of pimento around edge of bread. Mix a little cheese with blue coloring and put dab of blue in center of bread.
—Emma Wedeking.

If you decide to prepare and attempt to enjoy a sandwich inspired by this offering, kindly send a picture to us at


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