INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 20: Even the man on the money needed money.


INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 20: Even the man on the money needed money.
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Indignity Morning Podcast No. 14: Somebody leaked confidential information and fabricated stories.
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Recently Missing in America

An inoperable World War I German MG-08 machine gun weighing more than 100 pounds (from the roof of the Marine Corps veterans hall in Bay Shore, Long Island)

"Multiple cartons of cigarettes" and a bottle of whiskey (from a bar in Rockford, Illinois, after a 7 a.m. burglary)

A two-foot statue of the Virgin Mary (from outside a Roman Catholic church in Darnestown, Maryland)

Athleticwear valued at $4,340 (from a Lululemon store in Washington, D.C., after its front door was smashed)

A 31-year-old cockatoo and a fish-tank light (from a tropical fish store in Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

A cannonball from the War of 1812 (from the side of the Cannonball House in Lewes, Delaware, where it had been embedded since the war)

An ice-fishing house (from Fountain Lake in Albert Lea, Minnesota)

Recently Found in America

A Nantucket lightship basket (at an antiques sale on Straight Wharf in Nantucket, after having been stolen from its Nantucket-based owner in Florida 53 years ago)

Two hidden trail cameras (on the ground in a residential neighborhood in Redmond, Washington, where they were "covered with hot-glued foliage")

A 1787 letter from George Washington trying to sell land in Pennsylvania to Israel Shreve, because he needed to "raise money" (in rural West Virginia, after which it was acquired by a Pennsylvania antiques dealer)

An ebony bug of the species Corimelaena palmeri (in a shipment of cut flowers at the San Diego border crossing, the first recorded sighting of the insect pest in the United States)

A meteorite fragment (in southern Texas, after a meteor weighing an estimated 1,000 pounds broke up in a fireball over the city of McAllen)

Two bags of chips (outside a convenience store in Memphis, Tennessee, where they'd allegedly been dropped by a fleeing robbery suspect, after which police said they'd arrested the finder for eating them)

A terrier-mix dog named Little Buddy (in Raytown, Missouri, after disappearing nearly six years ago from a house four hours away)


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