It's Summer Wednesday!


It's Summer Wednesday!

HELLO! WHEN LABOR Day came around, we told you, the readers of Indignity, that we would be aiming to deliver you a full newsletter five days a week. Aiming! Between lingering Covid effects and the demands of our budget-balancing side gigs, we were not able to come up with a lead item today. Consider this a little extra summer vacation for your Indignity team, while there’s still an official sliver of summer remaining.

Below are the Weather Review and this morning's podcast. Thank you for reading Indignity, and thank you for your patience.


New York City, September 19, 2023

★★★★★ A blue jay looked as big as a magpie in the morning shade among the dangling leaves of the honeylocust tree. The long pants didn't even need to be the lightweight ones anymore. In the brightness of the sun the cars looked dusty while the curb gleamed. A can of milk from the market shelf felt chilled to the touch back in the apartment. Hours flowed by with nothing to impede the daylight. The chatter of people gathering outside carried from somewhere out of view, just far enough that the words were all tone and mood, with no semantic content, till the voices finally resolved themselves into a chorus of "Happy Birthday." A lone wisp of pink cloud drifted overhead.


Indignity Morning Podcast No. 149: A little baffling.

Tom Scocca • Sep 20, 2023

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