Wordle Postgame Report, August 3


Wordle Postgame Report, August 3
'The Fountain of YOUTH', 1546. From the collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Gemaldegalerie, Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Art Media/Print Collector/Getty Images)

August 3, YOUTH, 4/6

The Wordle Postgame Report is a brief analysis of a game of Wordle, the five-letter-word guessing game now owned by the New York Times. If you do not play Wordle, Indignity encourages you to please skip this item. The existence of the Wordle Postgame Report does not constitute an endorsement of playing Wordle, of not playing Wordle, or of the New York Times.

COMING OFF A loss, what point was there in being cautious or even sensible? CRAZE as the opener got nothing on the reckless Z, nor on any of the other letters. Time to reset with a normal reset word: POINT. Green O, yellow T. Placing that T felt more important than figuring out any new letters, but DOTTY not only planted the T in green in the fourth spot, it supplied a yellow Y. If it wasn't at the end, it had to be at the front: YOUTH. A new-born winning streak.

The Wordle Postgame Report will be posted semi-regularly on the website of the Indignity newsletter, or possibly even daily if people turn out to want to read it. If you enjoy reading the Wordle Postgame Report, please subscribe to Indignity to support the writer in doing this and other things that would be hard to justify at a salaried day job. Thank you for reading!

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